All Metal MS, a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of solution driven custom “Safety First” aircraft maintenance stands, assembly /production line platforms, hangar equipment, portable field equipment and specialty tooling introduced today, “The Pegasus Series” helicopter landing platforms. These dollies are the newest products in All Metal’s line of innovative hangar equipment.

The Pegasus series, “Safety First” dollies, are specifically manufactured for the sole purpose of assisting with the movement of helicopters. Utilizing Blickle precision casters, which are optimally located to ensure effortless handling and superior stability of the platform, these dollies can be easily maneuvered by one person, as well as any vehicle. Consistent with the All Metal product line, the dollies are Customized for Efficiency and Built for Safety!


Johnny Buscema, All Metal’s President and CEO, comments, “Our newly designed Pegasus Series helicopter landing platforms are a value-added, customized, quality product line that provides a “Safety First” efficient solution when maneuvering helicopters into/out of hangers, as well as, in and around ramp areas for the purpose of storage and take-off/landing. With the help of Heliwagon, the designer of the most advanced wireless remote control landing dollies in the world, we have been afforded the opportunity of enhancing the safety, efficiency, quality, visual appearance and functionality of helicopter dollies. This now separates the All Metal Pegasus series from outdated designs that are inferior to today’s advancements in the aviation industry.”

About All Metal Maintenance Stands: has been providing high quality maintenance stands to the aviation industry for more than a decade. We specialize in the innovative design and manufacturing of safety first aircraft maintenance stands, maintenance support equipment and hangar equipment for all Helicopter applications, and focus on working with customers to design customized products that enhance and improve aircraft maintenance. All Metal MS is an innovator in the production of quality safety first aircraft maintenance stands, improving safety and enhancing maintenance effectiveness. All Metal M.S. custom safety first aircraft maintenance stands; maintenance support equipment and hangar equipment are sought after and tested by aircraft mechanics worldwide. All Metal MS is a global leader in safety first maintenance technology.