LTH – Lightweight Transportable Hoist

This Light Weight Transportable Hoist (LTH) is designed for removing the engine, transmission, rotor head or other components.The LTH’s light weight feature and mobility are what makes this product unique.It can fit into almost any helicopter cab without removing the seats or on the outside of the helicopter in a DART Basket.The Light Weight Transportable Hoist (LTH) was Designed For Use In Field Applications, such as, places that are hard to get to where there are no access roads.

  • The LTH works on roof-top helipads, ship helipads, hangars, even oil platforms.
  • The LTH can be set up on various terrains: grass, sand, snow, tundra, etc.
  • The LTH can be used inside your facility when not being used in the field.


The Light Weight Transportable Hoist (LTH) design specifications

  • Each light weight part is easily assembled and stored.
  • All components fit within a travel cradle.
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