“These stands just flat out work”

-Paul Leach


“ I continuously get thanked by our technicians, which is rare. With these new platforms the mechanics and leads are actually trying to justify why they need the platforms more on their project/aircraft”

– Oscar Acevedo

Columbia Helicopters Inc., Paul Leach Director, Military Maintenance, Columbia Helicopters Inc. & Oscar Acevedo, Hangar Operations manager, Columbia Helicopters, Inc.

Sirs;  I just returned from a visit to our hangar deck as is part of my daily routine.  Along with inspecting our airframes for corrosion related issues, I have the opportunity to speak with the technicians performing the maintenance/repairs.  Today, I asked about their use and opinion of the maintenance stands, the pieces from “All Metal MS” that they use.  Here is a short, but accurate collection of answers:
“The wheels roll.  The jacks extend.  The work area stays flat.  What else do you need?”  John B.;  “You can move them-(the stands)-where you need them, and then they stay there. And you can do it easily” Bob H.   And saving what I believe is the best for last: “They WORK.  What more can you say?” Mike S.

Along with inspecting the airframes, I observe the support gear.  After a few years here on the hangar deck, with continuous usage, I can accurately state that there are no signs of failure on any of the maintenance stands.   And they get USED.  Like Mike and John said: “They work.  What else do you need?”

Jim Valky, Jim Valky AIRWORTHINESS SUSTAINMENT BRANCH, ALC Corrosion Prevention Advocate An NHRA top fuel dragster’s engine produces more horse power than the first FOUR ROWS of NASCAR at the Daytona 500.

I recently ordered a custom blade rack for our fleet of Eurocopter aircrafts from All Metal. I submitted the drawings with the measurement and they were able to manufacture and deliver to northern Canada within a very reasonable period of time. Great customer care and service.

Mario Blais, Mario Blais Phoenix Heli-Flight

“Ed Dietrich of the Anaheim Police Department says: He absolutely loves them!! Less effort…Much safer…Making it much cheaper. Having no maintenance stand is foolish”.

Ed Dietrich, Ed Dietrich

We maintain OH6A’s and an AS350B3.  Before most of our maintenance was done on ladders and with the All Metal Maintenance Stands, we can work without the worry of the stand sliding out from under us!

Dewey Belew, Dewey Belew of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection in El Centro, CA

Our stands arrived Friday and we will break them in starting this morning.  I am impressed by the build quality, fit and finish.  Nicely done.


Bob Rogers, Bob Rogers of the Orange County Sheriff Aviation in Orlando, FL