Pitch Adjustment Tool

All Metal Maintenance Stands Pitch Adjustment Tool for the AH-1 Zulu and the UH-1 Viper 9 Shown in Video above)

Pitch Adjustment Tool available for all aircrafts.

Pitch Adjustment Tool, PAT as it will be known. PAT is All Metal’s innovative approach to providing a solution that replaces the commonly used Trammel Tool and minimizes the time it takes to complete a track and balance.

PAT attaches to the Pitch Control Link (PCL) and can be set at a nominal measurement to adjust a new PCL or can center older rod ends to achieve a 1 to 1 ratio to match original dimensions of the worn PCL. By centering the rod ends you are able to virtually eliminate the redundant process of setting and testing the new PCL until you’ve achieved a perfect match. This saves tremendous man hours and test flight hours, thereby, saving Time, Money and Energy when completing a track and balance for the aircraft. This tool has been tested by the US. Marine Corp on the UH-1Y for almost a year and the reviews have been astonishing!

All Metal MS can customize any Pitch Adjustment Tool to work with any aircraft. Contact us today with your needs – sales@allmetalms.com