Bill Mcniff

Willard (Bill) McNiff blends his talents as a designer/fabricator with his passion for the aviation industry where he had been a licensed helicopter A&P engine mechanic since 1972. After developing his vision for over two years, Bill incorporated All Metal MS, Inc. in November of 2003.

The story starts with a young helicopter mechanic working the Alaskan pipeline back in the 70s for Evergreen Heli. and International Air Transport (IAT). Willard (Bill) McNiff had the pleasure of working the bush as a mechanic for several years allowing him the opportunity to do fun things like performing a hot section change, on a Hughes 500, in a farmer’s back yard at 58 degrees below zero or performing an engine change 50 miles east of the Yukon River at 46 degrees below zero.

So when IAT told Bill they were opening a tourist operation in Las Vegas and they would like him to take care of the aircraft, he only had two questions… “Where is Las Vegas and does it snow there?” After his stint in Alaska Bill was ready to… “Head south and stop when nobody knew what a Herman Nelson was.”

After IAT’s failed attempt at starting a helicopter taxi service from the airport to the hotels they moved operations out of Las Vegas but Bill stayed. He took a job with Hughes Aviation working on Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s (LVMPD) Hughes 300 and a variety of fixed wing aircraft.

During the 1990s Bill moved away from the aviation industry and became an accomplished welder/fabricator. Servicing a variety of industries Bill started a business providing fabrication services and quickly gained a reputation as the man to call in Las Vegas when you needed something fabricated.

Sometime around September, 2001 Bill, at the request of a friend and former coworker, built an aircraft maintenance stand for LVMPD that would be safe for the mechanics and the aircraft. Bill built several stands which won the praise of the mechanics at LVMPD and that caught the eye of mechanics visiting their Hangar. Bill took this immediate success and focused his attention on what he saw as a huge need.

Today, Bill continues to design and build custom “Safety First” maintenance platforms for the aviation industry. – See more at: