John Stotts

John Stotts/Design Consultant and General Manager.. The Facilitator...!
John Stotts/Design Consultant and General Manager

John Stotts and Bill McNiff founded All Metal MS in 2003 in Las Vegas. Stotts has a deep rooted family history in the fixed wing industry but chose to explore the Rotor side with McNiff. Stotts has been using AutoCad since 2004 and co-authored with Mcniff  almost every product in the AMMS (All Metal Maintenance Stand) Library. John’s first hand experience in designing and developing the products/maintenance tooling and stands over the last 13 years made him an idea choice in rebuilding the Design Library at All Metals facility in Las Vegas. Not only can John design/ draw.. but he can fabricate as well… Feel free to reach out to John with questions concerning what Maintenance Stands or tooling would best fit you helicopter or facilities needs.